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le pain d'épices


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This is a food journal for me, but I'm willing to share. I like to cook and I like to eat and I like to blog, so this is the best of three worlds for me. I call it 'le pain d'epices' for gingerbread. I love gingerbread, both the hard, flat cookie kind and the soft, rich cake variety. Gingerbread recalls my mother and all that she made for me and taught me in the kitchen; it's a food that most reminds me of her because she was both homey and exotic, salt of the earth and spicy, much like gingerbreads. My mother continues to inspire me even after her death, and no one other person influenced me so much in cooking or eating.

I like to eat, and I like to cook. I also like to share my experiences. So as I stumble my way through an often confusing world, I plan to record as many of my food- and cooking-related experiences as possible. So I shall post recipes I try, recipes I may create or adapt, and recipes that intrigue me. I'll also post my reviews of restaurants and food products, and article relating to any of the many aspects of food culture that interest me: health, taste, agriculture, etc.

Please feel free to watch and join this journal, and to comment on anything I may post, especially recipes. Recipes I'll post with additional commentary behind a cut. One day I may even get organised enough to provide photos. Please to the table, all!